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Page history last edited by Norman Jackson 11 years, 8 months ago

Creative Academy is designed and facilitated by Fred Buining and Norman Jackson




Norman is Director of the SCEPTrE project at the University of Surrey. In 2001 he established the Imaginative Curriculum network while working as a senior advisor with the Lerning and Teaching Support Network (the precursor to the HE Academy) to encourage higher education to take creativity more seriously.  Some of the work that was undertaken by the network was published in a book by Routledge-Falmer, ‘Developing Creativity in Higher Education: an imaginative curriculum.’  I met Fred in 2002 when I particpated in an intensive weekend creativity facilitation training programme aimed. Fred was one of the trainers and having been convinced of the value of such training I brought it into the HE Academy's Change Academy programme. Our Creative Academy is an attempt to provide more opportunity for educational professionals to develop their skills to facilitate creative enquiry.



Based in The Netherlands, Fred’s international consultancy Fredwerk ’ helps organizations to change by discovering and harnessing their creative potential. His clients include both multinationals and small enterprises. He is working with the University of Surrey to help staff and students develop the skills to facilitate group creative thinking. See examples of Fred in action and talking about his work below.





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