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Individual creative designs

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Designing a solution

Having generated lots of ideas through a divergent thinking process the next step is to do something with them. We are contextualising our problem in the everyday teaching or professional development experiences of participants. The facilitator guides participants to think of their personal context.


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The facilitator creates a framework within which individuals can create their designs using the prompt - 'the experience I will facilitate....'  as the stimulus for ordering he design. Participants select ideas from those that have been generated to incorporate through a process of integration and synthesise into the individual's educational designs. This is the act of transferring ideas grown in ather context and probably someone elses ideas and contextualising and adapting them to a personal context as a way of evaluang their feasiblity within an educational design. When paticipants have completed their designs they present them to the group and the group is invited to add new ideas or dimensions to the experiences that have been created. 


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Individual designs April 2008

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